The Sea Farm of Tomorrow

Aquaculture is an emerging industry in a position to effectively address grand challenges of the 21st century. Climate change and food security are intertwined in an ominous dance, requiring a renewed era of daring action.

The Aquaculture Group is setting the gold standard for corporate aquaculture, where environmental sustainability, technology, scale, traceability, and strong business practice define the sea farm of tomorrow.

Headquartered in Singapore, The Aquaculture Group’s first farm is located in the Philippines.


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Methane-Reducing Seaweed


Luxury Sea Cucumber

Asparagopsis Taxiformis

Methane-reducing seaweed for cattle

Asparagopsis taxiformis is a tropical species of red seaweed, found in recent years to prevent methane production in cattle and other ruminant livestock by up to 99%. Such a result can be effectively achieved with tiny dietary inclusion rates. This discovery will likely prove to be an extremely cost effective way to address climate change, able to reduce global greenhouse gases by about 5%.

  • Improve product value
  • Meet downstream emissions targets
  • Easily mixed using existing manufacturing systems
  • Affordable to buy and manufacture
  • Up to 12% increased feed conversion efficiency
  • Choose to feed less overall or benefit from up to 40% increased average daily weight gain
  • Tiny pre-mixed amounts, fed at normal times
  • Effectively market to environmentally conscious customers
  • No change in taste of beef or milk
  • Support effective action against climate change
  • Help local farmers thrive in a rapidly changing world
  • Affordable
Feed Manufacturers
Cattle Farmers
End Consumers

Holothuria Scabra

Luxury sea cucumber

Holothuria scabra, known as the sandfish, is a tropical sea cucumber prized as a delicacy in Cantonese cuisine. The sandfish diligently cleans the seabed of organic matter, though wild populations are endangered due to overfishing. As one of four Cantonese marine treasures, the sandfish is popularly prepared into various dishes. Gelatinous in texture, the meat takes on the flavour of the ingredients around it.

Our Advantages

To help rebuild wild populations, The Aquaculture Group has committed to releasing 5% of our sea cucumbers from 2023.


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